unveiled as the industry's first AI-driven full-stack EDA suite for chipmakers (2023)

March 30, 2023 Launched as the Industry's First AI-Based Full-Stack EDA Package for Chipmakers

Leaders Share Perspectives on AI in Design, Analog, Verification, Testing, and Manufacturing at Synopsys User Group Conference

Main highlights:

  • provides AI-powered chip design solutions with digital and analog components for verification, test, and manufacturing.
    • AI engines significantly increase engineering productivity and silicon quality while minimizing costs.
  • NVIDIA, TSMC, IBM, MediaTek and Renesas support Synopsys' AI-driven EDA design strategy, with significant benefits already evident:
    • Renesas achieved a 10x improvement in functional coverage gap reduction and up to 30% higher productivity in IP verification.

in your annualSynopsis Users Group (SNUG)silicon Valley Conference,Synopsis, Inc.(Nasdaq:SNPS) today launched, a suite of AI-powered solutions for designing, verifying, testing, and manufacturing the most advanced digital and analog chips. For the first time, engineers can now use AI at all stages of chip design, from system architecture to design and manufacturing, and access cloud solutions. Automotive industry leader Renesas is already using to reduce product development time by weeks through better silicon performance and reduced costs.

The EDA package includes AI-based solutions:

  • Optimize digital design space to meet performance, yield, and area (PPA) targets and increase productivity (used on 100 production tapes by January 2023).
  • Analog Design Automation for rapid analog design migration between process nodes.
  • Coverage completion verification and regression analysis for faster completion of functional tests, increased coverage, and predictive failure detection.
  • Automated test generation resulting in fewer test patterns, more optimized for silicon defect coverage, and faster results.
  • Manufacturing solutions to accelerate the development of high-precision lithography patterns for maximum performance.

"Increasing complexity, technical resource bottlenecks, and shrinking delivery windows were challenges that required a full AI-powered EDA software stack, from architectural exploration to design and manufacturing, and we delivered," said Shankar Krishnamoorthy, general manager of Synopsys EDA Group. “With Synopsys.asolutions, our clients have the ability to search design solution spaces across multiple domains at full speed. They find optimal results much faster because the .ai file learns from run to run and transforms its ability to meet and exceed rigorous design and productivity goals.”

Learn more about's EDA solutions on our blog:

Industry leadership in AI-powered semiconductor design tools are now used by 9 of the top 10 semiconductor companies, making Synopsys one of the early leaders in this space. For each design project, the solutions' AI engines are continuously trained on unique data sets, improving over time by optimizing results.

See what some industry leaders are saying about the AI-powered EDA design suite:
"Meeting quality and time-to-market constraints is quickly becoming difficult with traditional human intervention techniques due to increasing design complexity," said Takahiro Ikenobe, Director of IP Development, IP Renesas Shared R&D Center Division. “Using AI-powered verification with Synopsys VCS®, part of the EDA suite, we achieved up to a 10x improvement in functional coverage gap reduction and up to 30% increase in verification performance of IP, demonstrating the ability of AI to help us meet the challenges of our increasingly complex designs.”

"Sourcing the highest quality silicon is critical given our increasingly complex chips that power many of the world's devices," said Xian Lu, director of MediaTek. “We must constantly improve methods and use new technologies to rapidly deliver test programs that provide high failure coverage and minimize test costs. AI-powered enhancements to automatic test pattern generation are critical to meeting our future silicon test goals.”

“TSMC works closely with our open innovation platform®(OIP) such as Synopsys to enable our customers to improve productivity and speed project completion by migrating process projects to analog and custom block process," said Dan Kochpatcharin, Head of Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC: “With the latest AI-powered analog design migration pipeline from Synopsys and TSMC-enhanced PDKs, we now enable efficient reuse of migrated designs from one of our widely used processes to another and benefit from performance improvements and mastery of our latest technologies”.

"Having accurate lithography patterns for optical proximity correction is critical in advanced technology nodes," said Huiming Bu, vice president of global semiconductor R&D and Albany operations at IBM Research. “The use of AI/ML accelerates the development of high-precision models that produce the best results in silicon fabrication. We are excited to collaborate with Synopsys on AI-powered mask synthesis solutions that can help our partners get to market faster.”

(Video) Catalysts of the Impossible: Silicon, Software, and Smarts for the Era of SysMoore - Aart de Geus

"AI has the potential to reshape virtually every field, and it's hard to overstate its benefits to the semiconductor industry," said Vivek K. Singh, vice president of NVIDIA's Advanced Technology Group. "We are working with leaders like Synopsys to speed up and improve production and open new frontiers for the industry."

According to industry analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy, “AI is transforming the semiconductor industry, empowering engineers to design more complex chips that humans couldn't do without help. The horizons that AI will open up are hard to imagine, but we know we will be able to move faster and do more than we can now, including how we solve major global problems like hunger, disease control, and climate change. Synopsys is now clearly taking the lead in introducing AI across the entire chip development pipeline and we should applaud their investment in the future of the industry."

Additional information and news

About Synopsis
Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) es un Silicon to SoftwarePartner with innovative companies that develop electronic products and software applications we rely on every day. As an S&P 500 company, Synopsys has a strong track record as a global leader in semiconductor IP and electronic design automation (EDA), offering the industry's broadest portfolio of application security testing tools and services. Whether you're a system-on-chip (SoC) designer creating advanced semiconductors or a software developer writing higher-quality, more secure code, Synopsys has the solutions you need to deliver innovative products. Learn more


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